Types of eJuices

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E-juices are often classified as good or bad firstly depending on the taste and preferences of individual vapors. The main factor however that brings about difference in pleasures is the difference in flavors. Here within is a sample of the most preferred e-juices within and without the country.

I Milk & Honey

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This is the first brand deemed to be one of the best e-juice for both experienced and new vapors. It is a product of cosmic fog. It is manufactured in the United States and is there to provide the most pleasurable cosmic goodness for one craving for that so beautifully breathtaking cosmic smoke. It provides a milk flavored taste when it is inhaled but when it is exhaled it comes out in cascades of smoke that is flavored with honey and you can imagine the taste. It is best done with coffee in the morning and unlike any other brands the milky flavor is not so deep. Some vapors despise heaviness in milk flavors.

II Castle Long

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This is another quality product from Five Pawns. It exhibits the same pleasurable characteristic as the former but unlike milk and honey, this one is flavored with coconut. This comes with varying levels of nicotine content. This helps to meet the varying taste of varying individuals. This is because vapors are quite varying in terms of vaping scale. While other vapors require heavy nicotine content, others require it in very light doses. The best thing about this brand especially to non-alcoholics is the fact that this brand is composed of zero alcohol content.It in fact is extracted from natural base ingredients making it quite healthy and beautiful to taste.

III Dragon Ch’i

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This is an e-juice by Halcyon Vapors. It is equally quality and pleasing to the vapor. It is made of lychee, and it poses a smooth vaping experience. It is made of pomegranate in it correct sweetness, and the overall effect is tremendously awesome. It is elegant in its originality. The effect experienced is quite serene and its quite ideal for both experienced and new vapors. Experience the lifestyle of the goodness of vaping. Experience our home-made and natural flavor, experience dragon ch’i.

 IV Astro

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This is the most amazing fruit blending in an e-juice. Ever felt how good apple and strawberry feel in one puff? If no, then you have been missing out. Asro gives you the blend in a 30 ml bottle. It is so natural and inhaling it gives one the apple flavor and subtlety of pleasures they have been looking for. Whirls of strawberry-flavored smoke cascades out of your mouth, and you are left feeling awesomely high and at the peak of vaping pleasure. This one quality e-juice you do not want to miss out on, you can find every thing you need at http://ejuice.farm/collections/the-standard. It is ideal for both beginners and experienced vapers. Making a date with astro and feel the pleasure at its peak.